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The Butterfly Effect

The Sudwala Butterfly Effect Nature Garden has been developed as part of a long term conservation project to provide host plants and flowers specifically aimed at increasing our local butterfly, bee and antelope populations.
Butterfly and bee numbers have declined dramaticly in recent years due to an increase in agricultural activity, pesticides and habitat loss.

This project aims to educate and bring people and nature together.

The Butterfly Dome

This is a butterfly conservation project to help increase butterfly numbers in nature. We do not buy butterflies in or release non local butterflies. When there are butterflies, we collect the eggs and caterpillars of the available species and place them in the dome on their specific host plant.

Adult butterflies are allowed to mate and lay their eggs on their host plants and then they are released. They will continue to mate and lay eggs in the wild for the next few weeks of their lives. In Nature from 500 eggs laid, only 2 adults usually survive.
In the dome we protect the fragile eggs and larve then we release the adults, thereby increasing the local adult butterfly population.

Please go in and look carefully for the different butterfly stages. There may be eggs and larva on the plants and if you are lucky some adults flying before they are released.

Find out more about the amazing butterfly life cycle.

The Unity Labyrinth

The Unity Labyrinth is a journey of discovery, growth and change.
Walk the Labyrinth to find balance, to pray, to answer a question or see what comes up. Set an intention, forgive, meditate reduce stress, share or find peace
You can simply walk in wonder or wonder as you walk
The experience of walking a labyrinth is different for everyone and different each time you walk it .
There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Do what ever feels right for you. Children love to run the labyrinth. Try, it can be liberating!!!

The unity labyrinth may also be walked by two people, one from each side who meet in the middle. A symbolic unity. At the center the two can exit on one path or leave on separate paths.