The 2019 race of the screaming monster will take place at 7am on the the 01 of May 2019 and will be the 12th running of this unique race. This is a 21.1km half marathon and its not an easy route. It involves a climb to the top of the pass and into the Sudwala Caves. This is mountain goat heaven. Just when you think you must be at the top, you have to ascend even futher, and when you run out of road, there’s another steep climb to the cave itself.
Participants run into the caves and around the screaming monster before descending 2km down the mountain to the finish line.
With 21km, 10km & 4.9km routes this is an amazing running event for the whole family to enjoy. To find out more email Mike Summersfield admin@legogotevillagers.co.za. or log onto www.legotevillagers.co.za